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A Bright Particular Star has been awarded 4 coffee cups (Outstanding Read )

‘This author has taken a run-of-the-mill Regency tale and raised it several notches. The characters are realistic, interesting and charismatic. The plot is full of unexpected twists and turns due to Sophie’s intrepid spirit and the unusual nature of her inheritance.

The author has an excellent feel for the time period and makes the reader believe as if she is truly in early nineteenth century England, without losing the perspective her characters are real people and not historical characters.’

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Reader review from Amazon.com

‘Could there be anything more romantic than a dashing hero rescuing a damsel in distress? This is why I read romance people! Loved this book. Hanbury pens another winner with the sequel to one of my favorites Ice Angel.

Its action packed with not one but two swoon worthy romances and everything from conniving relatives, mysterious jewels and a villainous thief. I ate up the pages from the moment Sophie landed literally onto Theo’s lap.

…Just a beautiful regency romance. Highly recommended.’

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Tifferz Book Review

I found A Bright Particular Star a breath of fresh air. I was swept back to 1817 and loved every moment of it. I liked how Sophie is fun and impulsive and speaks her mind. I was cracking up throughout the story. What a fun read.

I like the mystery in the story as well as the relationships. I like how Theo was gallant and Sophie drove him crazy. I also like how loyal Sophie and Olivia are to each other. Those girls had suffered much. Now Luc I was not sure what he was about. I just felt like I could not trust Perry. Ms. Hanbury pulls the reader along with vivid details and I felt like I was watching a movie. I felt like I was there.  I have discovered a new author and want to read more from her.

Overall a brilliant read.’

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Tifferz Book Review

Great Minds Think Aloud

“A Bright Particular Star” was a wonderful historical romance and if you are in for a good ‘regency romance’ you have come to the right place. I would recommend this novel as a excellent read!’

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More Than A Review

A Bright Particular Star has been awarded 5 stars at More Than A Review.

‘You know that A Bright Particular Star is going to be full of adventure when the heroine Sophie drops out of a tree within the first chapters to escape her situation…I recommend A Bright Particular Star… there is something for everyone.’

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