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Extract from the Ilovefiction review site:-

‘The author draws a rich picture of the regency period – the language in the dialogue is spot on (just like reading a Georgette Heyer) and the detail draws you in.  The story was charming, the heroine sensible and likeable and the hero – thud! (You have to read it – he’s just hits the spot!) The sexual chemistry is brilliant and the minor characters charming too.

All that plus the humour – I can’t fault it! I’ve always thought that it’s the minor characters that turn a good book into a great book, and this is a great book. I’ll definitly be re-reading it. Highly recommended.’

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Extract from BooklishlyAttentive review site:-

‘I laughed aloud several times while reading this book. The main characters are both witty and intelligent, which make for a very humorous story. Not only is it well written and flows beautifully, the characters are well developed and their own individual personalities shine through. Elizabeth Hanbury’s writing is wonderful, a nice change from the formula romances that we see so much of. I loved this book, now go out and buy it!!’

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Citation from the Romantic Novelists Association panel of judges for the 2008 Joan Hessayon Award:-

‘The terms of General Tom Paradise’s will are weird – namely that Alyssa Paradise, his niece, must dine alone with Sir Giles Maxton once a week in order to inherit Hawkescote and the estate that accompanies it. Alyssa is an atypical Regency miss with a sense of mischief and humour which makes her compellingly likeable while Giles Maxton is a strongly drawn and attractive hero. The book is written with aplomb and wit, all the inhabitants of the pages are believable and the tale rattles along most satisfactorily. It was a thoroughly lovely read, Georgette Heyer-like in its assured touch. The quality of the writing lifts it into a different class. Excellent sub-plot.’

Reader Review at Amazon UK:-

‘The Paradise Will is a skillfully written, gorgeously escapist novel. The words ‘airy confection’ were made for it! I devoured it in a day, when I needed an infusion of its particular wit and joie de vivre, and I just loved it.’

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‘Lovers of the historical romance genre will enjoy this superb novel. Hanbury (author) manages to create a vastly entertaining story different from the usual overused regency plots (fake betrothal, convenient marriage, reformed rake etc.) while demonstrating a detailed knowledge of regency mannerisms. Coupled with the multidimensional characters and the captivating romance, I was hooked from beginning to end.’

‘This is a tale with a tone as light as champagne bubbles and as enjoyable’

The Paradise Will has been voted a ‘Top Pick’ book at Romancereaderatheart:-

‘Of all the Robert Hale books I’ve read, THE PARADISE WILL by Elizabeth Hanbury is my favorite so far. It’s witty, it’s charming, the prose and dialogue are perfect, and the characters that inhabit this lively story all find true love in the end. Isn’t that the way a really good Regency era romance should end, with a happily-ever-after for everyone?

Elizabeth Hanbury has a winner with THE PARADISE WILL, and I don’t hesitate for a second to highly recommend it. It’s absolutely delightful, as well as a breath of fresh air.’

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Review from the August 2008 edition of the Historial Novels Review Magazine (note: contains mild spoilers – to read complete text, highlight pale text using mouse)

‘In February 1818, Alyssa Paradise receives a shock. As her uncle’s will is read out, she discovers that he left his Dorset estate to her and not – as expected – to her spendthrift cousin Piers Kilworth.However, the will has one clause she is required to fulfil for the estate to pass fully into her hands – she has to dine with her uncle’s neighbour, Sir Giles Maxton, once every week for six months! For Giles, the right of access to a water supply is at stake. Enraged, they form an instant dislike towards each other.Alyssa travels to Dorset with her fiancé Charles, and her ward Letty. Charles is incensed and wants her to sell the property. Once there, Alyssa is relieved when he leaves. Giles is cynical about the clause, but Caroline Nash, certain in her expectation to become Lady Maxton, is beyond herself with anger. When she meets Alyssa, she immediately regards her as a threat. Piers, meanwhile, follows Alyssa to Dorset and begins to stir up trouble, intent on getting his hands on the estate one way or another. But he has not counted on the considerable charms of Letty, who sets herself the task of bringing him to onto the rightful path. Despite their early misgivings, Alyssa and Giles begin to enjoy each other’s company. But with her betrothal to Charles, and his unspoken understanding with Caroline, can there be a future for them?The Paradise Will is a historical novel in the vein of the great Georgette Heyer. The plot is intriguing and the action unrelenting. I did not want to put this book down at all, regardless of the early hour. A highly entertaining read!’

Stephanie Hochadel for Historical Novels Review

Extract from Redrosesforauthors review :-

‘Elizabeth Hanbury’s debut novel, The Paradise Will, is a gorgeous Regency romance that would make Georgette Heyer proud!  … The Paradise Will is a joy to read! It’s hard to believe that this accomplished Regency novel is Elizabeth Hanbury’s first book! Funny, tender, evocative, atmospheric and brimming with plenty of charm, Elizabeth Hanbury is a name historical romance readers would do well to remember!’

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Extract from review:-

‘The Paradise Will heralds the start of an exciting career for a terrific new voice in the world of historical romance: Elizabeth Hanbury!  … The Paradise Will is a magnificent Regency romance from an accomplished new writer! Elizabeth Hanbury sweeps the reader off to Regency England and makes them fall head over heels in love with feisty and independent Alyssa and strong, arrogant yet gorgeous Giles! Fast-paced, heartwarming, engaging and unashamedly romantic, once you pick up Elizabeth Hanbury’s terrific debut novel, you will find yourself unable to put it down! Here’s hoping that The Paradise Will is the first of many enchanting and mesmerizing Regency romantic novels!

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