“Rich period detail and a witty and charming writing style combine in a deliciously romantic and emotionally satisfying story”

– Nicola Cornick, award winning historical romance author.

Extract from ‘Bookishly Attentive’ review site:-

“Ice Angel is full of Regency richness- the parties, the glittering balls, the gowns- just the kind of historical detail that you wish for in many books, but fail to find.  Elizabeth Hanbury writes so descriptively that you are easily transported back in time and her characters are so romantically written that you fall in love immediately with each of them.  There is a perfect balance of multiple love stories and a twisting and turning plot that you will not want to put down the book until you have completely finished.”

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Ice Angel has been voted a ‘Top Pick’ book at RomanceReaderatHeart!:-

“ICE ANGEL was packed with drama and there something for everyone to enjoy in this book.

Ms. Hanbury doesn’t let the cat out of the bag by giving the reader too much information at one time on the important subjects. She allows the reader to be surprised with the dramatic outcome, rather than hint so much throughout the book that the secret isn’t a secret anymore, allowing the reader to get more involved with the story.

The characters were awesome; every one of them contributed to the believability of the story. There are several family members, most with their own stories, that were incorporated and unfolded around Isabella and Hal. And the best part is you are not left hanging, wondering what happened to them in the end.

To sum it all up, ICE ANGEL is a keeper, and I think that you’ll love it as much as I did. Great job, Ms. Hanbury!”

Sheila Smith at

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Ice Angel has been awarded 5 Red Roses at the Red Roses for Authors blogspot:-

“I really enjoyed this book and it is a good read for lovers of this genre; I give this book 5 Red Roses and look forward to the next one from Elizabeth Hanbury.”

Anne Herries at Red Roses for Authors

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