“A sparkling short story, charmingly told.”

Elizabeth Hanbury


Life is a song, but love is the music…

Life is hard for Jessica Smeaton in Regency Bath. She lives in a shabby lodging house and struggles to survive on what she earns from teaching music, hoping that one day the waltzes she composes will sell.

When handsome artist Richard Knight moves into the room above, things start off on the wrong note but could he turn out to be her knight to the rescue?


A Regency short story collection of approximately 20,000 words. All profits will go to Crohn’s MAP Vaccine fund, a charity based at King’s College, London researching a cure for Crohn’s Disease.



‘A sparkling short story, charmingly told.’

‘There are shades of La Boèhme in Elizabeth Hanbury’s whimsical tale of an impoverished young lady struggling to survive in Regency Bath by teaching music. When she is befriended by Richard, the gorgeous artist who lives on the floor above, things begin to look up for Jessica and (unlike the opera) this delightful little bagatelle has a most satisfying happy ending.’

– Sarah Mallory, RONA award winning historical romance novelist


Elizabeth Hanbury


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