Regency Rakes and Rebels Series Book #2

‘Sparkling with Christmas magic’



A house of sin…shrouded in mystery and steeped in ever more scandalous gossip, where debauchery and wild parties are rumoured to take place.

A notorious rake…whose wicked reputation sends neighbours swooning over their tea cups. Can he really be as bad as he seems?

A lonely paid companion…whose prim and practical exterior hides a lush sensuality waiting to be awakened.


Prudence Eylesbarrow is resigned to dreary spinsterhood and to never finding love. All she wants is one Christmas where she’s not at someone’s beck and call.

But when Prue finds herself snow-bound at the infamous Rakehell Manor, her curiosity with Hugo, Marquess of Warwick – mysterious, handsome, world-weary, cynical – tempts her to reveal passions she never knew she possessed. Even so Prue is under no illusions. It was fool’s game to think a penniless nobody could tame the master of Rakehell, for that way lay heartache and social ruin.

Or has the time come for the power of passion, the promise of love and the magic of Christmas to unite two people from very different worlds?



The idea for Rakehell was sparked when a dear friend gave me details of a real house called Rake Manor which is tucked away in the English countryside.  We laughed about it at the time and said it needed a story so now it has one.  Gilly, Christmas at Rakehell Manor is for you 🙂