‘An elegant Regency take on a classic tale.’

The Cinderella Debutante is a Regency romance based on the Cinderella story but with a few twists ;0)

As it’s based on the fairy-tale, The Cinderella Debutante is unashamedly sprinkled with lots of romantic fairy dust.  But, like all good fairy-tales, in the sub-text it also touches on some deeper themes, such as confidence and the lack of it; that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder; how someone’s sexual orientation in Regency England could prove ruinous, even fatal, and how older people can often see things the younger generation can’t.

Wow, having typed that list, it sounds complicated but it’s not – at its heart, it’s the story of a girl who finds love with a little help from a godmother, albeit an unconventional one!  I hope readers enjoy it.


Lucy Sinclair’s London Season was cut short by tragedy.Now, five years later, she is returning but only in the shadow of her lovely step-sister.Belinda is determined to catch a titled husband and Alex, Lord Devlyn fits the bill perfectly.

Lucy finds Alex devastatingly attractive yet knows he will be dazzled by Belinda’s beauty.It seems her one chance of love is lost forever until an unlikely fairy godmother makes Lucy the belle of the ball…

Sensuality rating:  Subtle (See AAR guidelines here)

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